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Where technique is learned and friends are made

Classes Offered

Classical dance program:  Dancers from ages 3 to 18, if you’ve got a love for dance and a busy schedule to juggle, our Recreational Program is designed just for you! Explore a variety of styles like Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, and Acro. There’s something here for everyone! Check out our class selections page to see what’s perfect for your age group.


Creative Movement for ages 18-24 months and Ages 2-3: This caregiver and me class is a great introduction to the joy of dance. This class provides a fun approach to early childhood development, nurturing physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth in a positive and supportive environment. Through guided play your toddler will learn coordination and creativity not to mention an opportunity for friendships to grow not only for the child but also for the adult.

Dancer Within Program:  Dance is for everyone! Our Dancer Within Program celebrates dancers of all abilities. It’s not just about dance moves; it’s about building lifelong friendships and moving in a way that’s uniquely you while building confidence.

Adult Program:  Dance isn’t just for kids! Our Adult Program started as a way for dance moms to have a night out, and now it’s grown into a community-wide dance program! Whether you’re picking up where you left off as a child, continuing your dance journey or trying something totally new, we’ve got a class for you. We are expanding our program this year to offer Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Musical Theater, Hip Hop, and even adult fitness classes. There is even an opportunity to perform.

Hip Hop:  We offer a large Hip hop program for dancers at NSDA. They may choose to take these classes alone or in addition to their classical dance program. These classes are divided by age groups. The attire is comfortable clothes that they can work out in (protecting knees from floor work) and sneakers that will only be worn inside the dance classroom.

Broadway BoundLights, camera, action! Our Musical Theater program is a hit, featuring themed classes inspired by TV and Broadway classics. It’s the perfect way to become a well-rounded dancer.

Acro:  Taken with dance or alone this tumbling program will help with stretch, strength and balance. NSDA follows the Acrobatics Arts Curriculum. A Leotard is required (form fitting dance shorts may be added), bare feet hair pulled back, trimmed nails and no jewelry to protect the student and the instructor. This is a non-performing class

NSDA Goodwill Ambassador Performance Troop:  Join our NSDA Goodwill Ambassador Performance Troop! Open to dancers aged 5-18 who want to spread joy and love through community performances. Learn a fantastic 20-minute show that will perform once a month as well as a once-a-month rehearsal. Led by one of our talented alumni, it’s a chance to shine while making a difference! Choreography for next season will include rehearsals in August so that we are ready for an early September performance.

Why Choose NSDA?

Our Mission

At North Shore Dance Academy, we’re more than just a dance studio. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch dance education in a nurturing and motivating environment. Our goal is to enrich the lives of our students, fostering growth not only as dancers but as well-rounded individuals. We aim to create a “feels like home” experience for the entire family that starts the first time they walk through the doors.

Comprehensive Parent Involvement: We understand the importance of parental involvement in a child’s dance journey. That’s why all six of our dance classrooms are equipped with television observation, allowing parents to observe every class throughout the year. Watch your child’s progress and be part of their dance education journey week by week. We know that children thrive most when parents are included, informed and part of the process.

Convenient Class Options: With six classrooms operating every instructional day, NSDA makes it easy for families with multiple children to coordinate class schedules. Registering siblings for classes at the same time can simplify your carpool logistics. Our September through June schedule, calendar of the year and recital cast splits are available upon registration. We value your time and your commitment to our program.

Dedicated and Current Staff: Our instructors are committed to staying ahead of the curve. They continuously enhance their dance education by attending conferences, conventions, and maintaining memberships in teaching organizations. This dedication ensures your child receives the most current and effective dance training available.

Holistic Growth: At NSDA, we care deeply about your child’s development, both as a dancer and as a person. Many of our students begin their dance journey in early childhood and continue through high school and beyond. In addition to dance technique, our students learn invaluable life skills such as time management, creativity, resilience, teamwork, dedication, goal-setting, and self-care—skills that serve them well into adulthood.

Ethical Standards and Accountability: As proud members of the International Dance Entrepreneurs Association, NSDA upholds rigorous standards of customer service and respect. We prioritize age-appropriate movement, music, and costuming, ensuring a safe and positive experience for all dancers. Our commitment to integrity in business practices and transparent communication means you can trust us with your child’s dance education.

A Note from Miss Tammy

At NSDA, we are more than just a dance studio; we are a community. Dance education is our passion, but striving to create a welcoming positive, inclusive and supportive environment for your entire family is equally important to us. We encourage lifelong friendships within our studio walls and are committed to being role models for our students. Your partnership in maintaining a positive atmosphere is appreciated as we nurture both talented dancers and extraordinary individuals. Your family’s experience matters to us, and we’re dedicated to providing an atmosphere where every dancer can feel comfortable to be themselves and thrive. I hope that you join us during my 30 year celebration as the proud leader of NSDA.”