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What People are Saying

   Parent Testimonials

  • You can tell that you care about your students and their “dancing careers” and that is what is important to me and why I will continue with NSDA as long as my children want to continue.
  • I am truly amazed each year at the professionalism, choreography, and level of performances. North Shore Dance Academy has created such a wonderful atmosphere with such quality teachers, friendly support, and a wonderful group of girls that love to dance together. We are all so proud that our children are a part of your school. Thank you for creating a home away from home!
  • I am a first time mom sending her daughter to dance school. I can not tell you enough how impressed I am with the professionalism of everyone from the first day of dance class to the last minute of ‘pick up’ at the end of the recital. The smiling faces, clear and open communication, and smoothness of all aspects of the recital, has given me many reasons to strongly recommend your school to many of the other mothers at our pre school
  • Such a happy vibe at NSDA  . . .  I was completely taken by the kind and loving way that you helped your littlest dancers.  Thanks for a wonderful first-year experience.
  • I just want to give you a huge pat on the back for once again a great recital  and year.  Thanks for all you do.
  • It was a terrific show and we had a lot of fun and were  surprisingly stress free because of all of your organization…Thanks!
  • Thank you for another wonderful year and an awesome show! As usual, you never cease to amaze us. See you in the fall!
  • I don’t know how you do it but you are able to teach, praise, encourage, direct, discipline and love all these girls together while at the same time making each one feel special in their own way. Thank you for that! My girls adore you & I do too!
  • Tammy – thank you so much for making both the dance classes and the recital such a wonderful experience for my daughter (and me)! She enjoyed dance so much. Thank you again for running such an AMAZING dance studio.
  • Thank you for taking our daughter under your wing and allowing her to blossom into the beautiful person that she’s become.  She has enjoyed every minute of the last 13 years…and you could see it in her performance on Saturday. You are a wonderful person/teacher for all that you do for these kids and we are very blessed to have had you in our daughter’s life.
  • Not only does your staff show the children how to dance, your staff helps develops leadership,
  • self-esteem, friendship, respect to others, and most importantly, their moment to dance with heart.
  • As grateful as I am for the dance instruction at the studio I am even more impressed of all the other qualities that I feel my girls are getting from everyone at the studio!!  I realize this is an extracurricular activity but honestly feel the discipline has carried over into their school and home life as well.
  • I wish every teacher, instructor, etc (regardless of the activity) would care enough to take the time to care this much.  Thanks for being a great role model for the kids.
  • You are so encouraging and I’m so happy that my girls are not only learning to dance from you but are learning how to be a better person. You are truly great!