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Become a Triple Threat

Theater Arts Performance Classes at North Shore Dance Academy. Be a “TRIPLE THREAT”

Bonnie Rynkowski

Classes Tuesdays Oct 20-Dec 8, 2015. Registration ongoing

3:30-4:00 Ages 4-6 Learning Acting songs like

“Hokey Pokey” and “My Hat it has 3 Corners”.

Children prepare a provided storybook musical

and create a musical based on their suggested

(favorite) storybook.

4:00-4:45 Ages 7-10 Students will learn popular Broadway songs and begin

to develop proper vocal techniques. Students learn script, music and movement

for a short musical and experiment diverse emotions for communicating characters.

4:45-5:45 {Section 1} 5:45-6:45 {Section 2} Ages 11 – 18 Students learn and practice

proper vocal methods through group singing and developing an individual solo. Students

create and perform a short musical with familiar or new songs and improvised dialogue.

Students perfect one song of their choice and create a monologue introduction for their song.


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