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Summer Dance Schedule 2024

Summer 2024 Dance Classes

April Newsletter

April 2024 Newsletter

Recital Ticket March 15th

Recital tickets are set to go on sale on March 15th at 10 am. Here is what you need to know about the purchase process this year:


-Recital is May 18 and 19 at Lynn Memorial Auditorium
we will be using online ticketing this year to make it convenient for all. Here is the link to purchase your tickets. You may also send this link to your friends and family to purchase their tickets as well. tickets will still be GENERAL ADMISSION. There is no need to rush to purchase tickets, there are plenty for everyone and you are not choosing seats. Every seat is a great one at Lynn Memorial Auditorium and you will choose your seats at the event on that day.

-Performers never need a ticket. Please do not purchase a ticket for your dancer. If your dancers will be watching a sibling in a different show you will still NOT purchase a ticket for them. (see the complimentary ticket section below)
There is no limit to how many tickets you can purchase and there is also no minimum requirement. You may purchase what you need.

-Please be aware of which show your dancer is in when purchasing tickets as we have 5 shows and you want to make sure you are purchasing the correct show. This information is on our ALL THINGS RECITAL page on our website which you should familiar yourself with. You may also use this link that is for the cast splits 2024 cast split
Chaperones also do not need a purchased ticket. If you plan on chaperoning your dancers class(we ask for 2 per class) please do not purchase a ticket for yourself.
Tickets will be available for purchase through May 17. Tickets will also be sold at the door of recital for Cash Only.

-Thank you for your understanding that we could not possibly have all of our students in the same show and we must split it up. Although attending more than one show is a big time commitment we respect our families and do not make it also a larger financial commitment. If your family needs to attend more than one show you need to know this information.

You should purchase tickets to ONE show. We usually recommend the show your oldest dancer is in or the show for the dancers 1st class of the week.

-After purchasing those tickets you may visit our NSDA desk and we will issue you complimentary tickets for the same amount you purchased. (if you purchase 7 we will issue you 7 complimentary to your second show, if you need to attend three shows we will give you 7 more for that one)

-If your dancers are siblings and they are in more than one show please remember to grab a complimentary ticket for the dancer that will be watching their sibling.
We are asking that anyone that needs complimentary tickets please purchase them by May 9 and collect your complimentary tickets at the desk. The week leading up to recital is very busy and we want to make sure you are all set with everything you need.

-I think that covers everything you need to know. As with any change there is a learning process but please don’t hesitate to ask questions. Although we are anticipating that the ticket launch goes off without a hitch we also are aware that sometimes a glitch may occur. If this happens please don’t panic, everything is figureoutable! If something goes wrong just bring it to my attention or reach out to dance recital ticketing and it will be fixed. I have given dance recital ticketing(the company we are working with) permission to handle all issues with ease. This should not be a Taylor Swift ticket purchasing experience and remember you are purchasing general admission tickets so you don’t need to stop your world at 10 am on March 15. Tickets will still be there when it’s convenient for you.

Big Fun Summer

It’s time to launch our summer offerings and anyone that registers for summer classes March 11-16 will be entered into a drawing for a $150 gift card.

Here is a flyer of our fun offerings with something for everyone.

To register go to or visit our carnival table at the studio this week.

Be sure to grab some popcorn and take a spin at the prize wheel.

The classes on these flyers are open to the entire studio.

Intensive dancers required summer program is also open for registration and intensive dancers will receive an email about that.

Please note that NSDA will be closed the week of July 1st and the week of July 22.

NSDA Summer Fun 2024

March 2024 Newsletter

Jan 2024 Newsletter

Jan 2024 Newsletter


As we embrace the new year with energy and enthusiasm, we’re thrilled to keep you in the loop with all the latest happenings at our dance studio. Our January newsletter is now live, packed with essential information to keep you informed and engaged throughout the month.

Here’s a sneak peek of the highlights you’ll find in our January Newsletter page:

🌟 All Things Costume:
Discover the fabulous costumes that will bring our upcoming performances to life. Get a sneak peek at the creativity and style that will grace our stages this season as costumes are being handed out during class.

💃 Recital Updates:
Stay in the loop with the latest recital updates. Find out about rehearsal schedules, performance details, and any exciting surprises we have in store for you.

❄️ Inclement Weather Policy:
With winter in full swing, we want to ensure everyone’s safety. Familiarize yourself with our inclement weather policy to stay informed about any schedule adjustments or studio closures.

📆 Upcoming Events:
Mark your calendars with important dates for workshops, masterclasses, and other special events happening at Northshore Dance Academy. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to enhance your dance experience.

📰 And Much More:
Our newsletter is filled with articles, spotlights, and updates that celebrate the passion and dedication of our dance community. There’s something for everyone, so be sure to explore all the exciting content.

To access the January newsletter, simply visit our Jan 2024 Newsletter. If you haven’t subscribed yet, now is the perfect time to join our mailing list and stay connected.


Recital Date Announcement!

Calling all Swifties!

Pajama Week Dec 4th-9th

It’s Pajama Week!

Save the Dates: Spring Performances May 14-16

Summer Fun 2019

Click here for a flyer and printable registration form .  Announcing our Summer 2019 programs,  Dance classes, Week Long fun themes, Intensive classes. There is something for everyone at NSDA.  Click the links below for specific programs

Online registration forms included in the links below

Dance classes for age 3-7 in tap, ballet and hip hop

Princess week 7/29-8/1, 9:00-12:00