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What to Wear to Class

Recreational Program

Ages 3-7

Leotard and tights any style or color. White tap Shoes and Pink Ballet slippers.

Ages 8-18

Leotard and tights for ballet. A pair of form fitting shorts can be added for tap and Jazz.

Recreational 7-8 through Preteen classes should wear tan tap shoes, pink ballet slippers and convertible tights that will allow them to be barefoot for jazz.

If a jazz shoe is being assigned it will be included in your registration information.

Intensive Program

Tap and Jazz class

Leotard and tights with form fitting shorts. You may wear a sports bra and shorts if they fit appropriately.  No street clothes, no shirts.  Hair pulled back.


If you have been assigned a certain skirt or dress you should wear that. Otherwise, a black leotard, pink tights and hair in a bun.