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Monthly Tuition Rates

Tuition for the 2022-2023 Calendar Dance Year

-There is a $40 registration fee per student due at the time of registration to be enrolled in a class.
-Tuition is based on a yearly fee, broken into monthly installments.
-Tuition is based on a per child fee.  There are no sibling discounts but we do offer a $567 monthly family cap.
-All payments will be automatically withdrawn from the credit card or checking account of your choosing on the 1st of the month September 1-May 1. 

The same payment is due monthly regardless of the number of classes that are offered in any given month.  The yearly fee is based on 30 lessons but we offer more than 30 to account for inclement weather.  If there are no cancelled days on your day of the week please enjoy those additional free lessons on us.

Withdrawal Policy

North Shore Dance Academy requires an online withdrawal form.  Withdrawal procedure below

  • Contact the office and let us know that you are withdrawing your student
  • The office will send you the link to an online withdrawal form
  • Fill out the form and submit it to us.
  • Refunds will not be given within the month so enjoy the rest of the month’s classes
  • Future months tuition will not be withdrawn
  • It is your responsibility to let us know that your child is withdrawing and that you take the steps necessary to discontinue payments being withdrawn from your account.

Declined credit cards or rejected ACH bank drafts

Any payments that are declined or rejected will result in a charge automatically applied to your account in the amount of $25.  Please make sure that your information including expiration dates is up to date with us to avoid these charges. Your parent portal is a place to keep that updated.  If you need help, please give us a call at 978-304-0893 and we will be happy to assist you.

Class time/week per student  Monthly fee per student
45 minutes per student  $65 per student
1 hour per student  $85 per student
1.5 hours per student  $112 per student
1.75 hours per student  $125 per student
2 hours per student  $138 per student
2.25 hours per student  $150 per student
2.5 hours per student  $163 per student
3 hours per student  $192 per student
3.5 hours per student  $212 per student
3.75 hours per student  $222 per student
4 hours per student  $233 per student
4.75 hours per student  $249 per student
5 hours per student  $256 per student
5.75 hours per student  $277 per student
6 hours per student  $284 per student
6.5 hours per student  $306 per student
7 hours per student  $328 per student
7.25 hours per student  $334 per student
7.75 hours per student  $346 per student
8 hours per student  $352 per student
8.25 hours per student  $358 per student
8.75 hours per student  $371 per student
9 hours per student  $377 per student
10 hours per student  $402 per student
11 hours per student  $426 per student
12 hours per student  $451 per student
13 hours per student $478 per student 

Family Cap $567