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Family Fun Programs

Every Day is A New Adventure at the NSDA Family Fun Program

Take a look at our new enrichment classes offered each afternoon and Saturdays. Call or email to register. This program is designed to help busy families with convenient scheduling and pricing.

*Recreational Art Classes: Drawing, coloring and the project of the day

*Kids in Motion Program: No Electronics here! This program gets your kids moving in fun ways. Obstacle courses, dancing, relays and more.

*Book Club/Story Time: Come and explore in our themed filled reading room. We will have themed books and questions that provoke thought and discussion.

*Homework help: Whether you just need someone by your side or need some specific help, we are here for you.

*Musical Theater: Become a triple threat and join a class that will enhance your dance lessons. Voice and acting on a stage each Tuesday with Bonnie Rynkowski.


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